Winter Eagle Watching '05 -'06

Lock and Dam #11, Dubuque, Iowa, 2-13-06

After making the 150 mile trip to Dubuque, I first realized how windy it was, and almost went right back home. After getting back in my car, I realized I could get plenty of shots out my side window.

At 12:07, I got this 3-picture sequence of an immature eagle catching a fish just over the bank of rocks.

At 12:41, I got this 5-picture sequence of a couple eagles playing high above the water. One repeatedly snuck up from behind, as the other rotated 360 degrees around. Both with talons extended, but never making contact. Many question that this may be courtship displays, but I was told this is usually done at the nesting site, not at the wintering grounds. Fun to watch either way!

A few other shots while I was there.

Hydro-Electric Dam, Prarie Du Sac, WI. 2-21-06

I set up my hunting blind at the edge of the water, but all the action was too far away, even for my 800mm. My auto-focus wasn't locking on the birds properly. These are some examples of what I was seeing nearly every 60 seconds, for almost two hours.

I know crows are among the smartest birds, but I think this one was watching the eagles too long. He actually grabbed a fish out of the water! I was unable to see, but I assume with his beak, rather than his feet.


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