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Telulah Park Eagle Nest, Appleton, Wisconsin
My favorite photo subject. A Bald Eagle nest in the middle of a city park, in the middle of Appleton, Wisconsin. The pair either built the nest, or took over a Redtail Hawk's nest (I've heard both stories) in 2003, but did not raise any young. I have put together a chronological photo gallery of each year following.

Sad but true... The Telulah Park Eagles did not return for the 2006 nesting season.

However, a new nest was built in Menasha, very easy to photograph. Some think it might be the Telulah Park Eagles, but I've compared some distinctive markings, and also noted some leftover immature pattern on one. I'm thinking it's a first year nesting pair. Click Below:

Winter Eagle Watching
During the winter months, Eagles concentrate around the bottom of dams on larger rivers, where they have access to open water year round for fishing. I photograph them at the Hydro-Electric Dam in Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin, and Lock and Dam #11, at Dubuque, Iowa.

Other Eagle Pictures

July 25, 2003 - At the Menominee River, in Northeast Wisconsin, an Osprey repeatedly struck at this Bald Eagle from above, to chase it away. Each time, the Eagle would rotate upside-down to strike back...

...but always a bit too late. Images are cropped, as it was a bit too far away for my 400mm lens.

The Osprey remained persistant, even after the Eagle had landed.


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