Venus Transit June 5, 2012

The last time this will happen until December 10, 2117!

The first sign of Venus passing over the sun, was a picture taken at 5:05PM. The above picture was taken at 5:15. These first three pictures were overexposed, and the sunspots were only visible while thin clouds were passing over the sun. Overall, throughout the evening, I thought the clouds added a great effect to the pictures. I also found out, throughout the evening, that I couldn't get a sharp focus with the solar filter I had to use with my 800mm lens.

The above picture was taken at 5:25, still in my front yard.

One more shot from my front yard, at 5:32, with plenty of clouds to correct the settings on my camera.

By 8:00, I am at the other side of Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, hoping to line up the sunset with the city of Waupun, on the horizon. This was not possible this time of year, with the sun setting too far to the north. I ended up near the Bud Cook Hiking Trails. With corrected settings on my camera, and the sun getting closer to the horizon, the sun is now orange, even with the solar filter, and no clouds, at 8:20.

Four minutes later, at 8:24, with a few clouds, still with the solar filter on my 800mm lens.

I wasn't paying attention to the lower section of clouds, that extended beyond the horizon, and didn't realize that this event was coming to an end. This is my favorite picture of the evening, and my last picture, showing the planet Venus, at 8:27. I scrambled to adjust the settings, and the focal length, but it was all over from my location, in Waupun, Wisconsin.


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