Storm June 23, 2004

Based on what I saw on radar, the southern edge of the storm was along Highway AW west of Waupun, traveling east. I went approximately. 1.5 miles west of Waupun, turned right, and pulled over, facing north. I aimed my camera to the Northwest and photographed some lightning, rather unsuccessfully I might add. This is the only good one I got, before my brother called.

While talking to my brother, Doug, he was telling me that there was a hook echo (rotation, as it appears on radar) headed right for my location. Right about that time, I turned to look behind me to the left (southwest) and saw this rotating updraft emerging from behind a farmhouse on AW. 8:38PM

I caught the lightning by chance in a 1/3 of a second exposure. I then turned around, heading South toward AW. Having cleared the farmhouse, I pulled over and took a couple shots of the storm, and merged them together to get this wide angle view. 8:39PM

I didn't like the group of trees at the front of the updraft, so I headed East, back toward Waupun about a half mile, and took two more shots, and merged them together. 8:41PM

By this time, I am under heavy precip, including pea size hail. Upon getting back to Waupun, I took a right on Hwy MM to get south of the storm. As I got to the southern edge of town, I realized I was going to intercept the storm, rather than go around it. I turned around and went back home, just in time to sit at my computer, and have the power go out (8:50PM-5:45AM). The following morning, I photographed some of the damage in my immediate neighborhood.

The Day After......

All of the following pictures are within three city blocks of my house in Waupun. Immediately after the storm, countless trees were in the roads, blocking traffic, but were at least pushed off to the side within a couple hours. The following pictures were taken between 9:15 and 11:30 the following morning.

Three houses to the west.

A line of four trees in front of a nursing home around the corner.

This belongs to a girl I work with, 1 block South



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