Storms - October 18, 2007
The afternoon of October 18, 2007 was producing numerous small isolated storms, traveling NorthEast. I went out to where State Highway 49 runs East and West through Horicon Marsh NWR, for far, unobstructed views to the North and South. No lightning, but some good storm structure shots.

Above and below, a nice isolated sun-lit cell, against a blue sky at 3:33 PM.

At 3:43, my heart started racing as I watched a circular lowering, that looked like a funnel cloud. Being a trained severe weather spotter, I knew enough to look for rotation, which did not exist, so I did not call it in. I found out later from my brother at home, that someone else did call something in as a funnel cloud, in that area. Doppler Radar did not indicate any rotation, so the National Weather Service did not issue any warnings. It was just a wall cloud, that was gone in a few minutes.

At 3:46, using my 10mm ultra-wide angle lens, I took the above shot of the same storm, and another one just to the right of it. The left side of the picture is straight North, and the right side shows Hwy 49 going straight East.

At 4:12, while not being as alert as I should, a storm snuck up from behind, as I found myself scrambling to grab my equipment, and jump into my van. The wind was from behind me, so I was able to keep my side door open, and photograph the downpour, which included pea-sized hail. Five minutes later (below), I caught a rainbow in the sun-lit hailshaft.



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