Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary
October 22, 2013

My favorite time of year to visit Shalom... when the deer,elk, and other animals, are sporting "full head gear."

The big bonus of this trip to Shalom, was the two wild Red Foxes that were hanging around the sanctuary. They are siblings, that were born and raised in a den, just across the trail from the two caged foxes. One is a common "red phase", while the other is a less common "white phase" Red Fox. As I approached the caged foxes, the two wild foxes ran from there, through the fence, into the bison pen. I got all the pictures that I could ask for, as they made thier way to a watering hole, and eventually, into the fields and woods.

The other bonus of this trip was flushing a Clouded Sulphur butterfly from along the trail. It flew in a circle around me, and landed right where it came from, right next to another. So far (October 24, 2013), it looks like this will be the last "official" reported butterfly sighting in the state of Wisconson for the year.....

UPDATE - Although these butterflies on October 22, at first, looked like they might be the last sightings of 2013 in Wisconsin, mild weather soon after, brought butterfly sightings through November 30. Data from

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