Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary
May 1, 2012

My second trip to Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary near Wesr Bend, WI, mainly to check out their new wolf exhibit.

This is Lucky, the 2-year old male Tundra Wolf.

I couldn't pass up this shot.

And this is Raven, a female Timber Wolf.

If you go with a camera, a close-up of Raven's eyes is a must!

I was told that the Bison should be giving birth any day now, but naturally, nothing happened while I was there with my camera. I was also told that the deer should start "dropping" fawns around mid May.

The Whitetail bucks are starting to show some stubby antlers, while the elk are a bit farther along.

I'm not real big on photographing the two different kinds of sheep they have, but I couldn't pass up this nice gathering of the Dall Sheep on top of a hill, with no fence in the background.

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