White-faced Ibis
Horicon Marsh NWR - Wisconsin
May 8, 2016

On May 8th, I finally went out to Horicon Marsh, after the White-faced Ibis that has been there for about two weeks now. He randomly took off just as I got to where he was being photographed by a dozen or so people.I hung around, talking to some of the other photographers. I didn't see him return, just a little ways down the road, but someone flagged me over there. He was much closer to the road than when I first got there.. Here are a few of my better shots...

I didn't realize, until I went through all my pictures a couple days later, that the first two pictures that I took of him, he was catching and eating a fish

He is very easy to photograph, and not skittish at all. People were viewing and photographing him, out of their vehicles, hardly five yards away!

As you can see, above and below, he is much more colorful when the sun is hitting him at a better angle.

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