My 2002 Pontiac Bonneville SLE
I have always liked big cars, especially Pontiac Bonnevilles, after buying my first one (a 1989) a while back. After buying my '96 Grand Prix in 2006, I started noticing a few "extra sharp" Bonnevilles, compared to all the others. After some research online, I found out that I had fallen in love with the 8th generation Bonneville (2000-2005). They were big luxury cars, with all the same trim as the smaller sports cars... they looked like overgrown Grand Ams, and I decided early on, that I had to have one. Over the next three or four years, on and off, I got online, and searched for this timeframe of Bonnevilles for sale.

I'm not a big fan of buying cars from dealerships, but on October 2nd, 2011, at half-time of a Packer game (the Packers on their way to beat Denver, 49-23), I got online, and found my dream car, at a dealership in Kenosh, Wisconsin (just over a hundred miles away). It was perfect.... the light silver color, the polished aluminum alloy wheels, and of course, the required sunroof. I drove down there the next day, put a down payment on it, and stopped in at my Credit Union on the way back to start the loan process. The financing went through, and I picked it up about a week later.

Specs and Options are listed below the photos.

(Those aren't my real licence plates... "Bonnie" is just a common name given to Bonnevilles.)

The "Usual" Stuff:

Color - Galaxy Silver Metallic
Drivetrain: 3.8 liter V6 / 4-speed Automatic Transmission
80,000 miles at time of purchase
Power Steering
Power Brakes
Power Windows, Locks, and Seats
Cruise Control
Rear Defogger
AM FM Cassette, and CD (with basic controls on steering wheel)

Other Options:

Power Sunroof (Flips Up, or Slides Open)
Heated Leather Seats
Heated, Power, Side View Mirrors
Dual Climate Control
Automatic Leveling System
OnStar (If I choose to subscribe)
Anti-lock Brakes
Traction Control
Polished Aluminum Alloy Wheels
Fog Lamps

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