My "New" Boat
Purchased April 29, 2018

As of Spring of 2018, those of you that follow my photography, have noticed about a three-year lull, as my photography has taken a back seat to my new-found past time of fishing. Pushing this lull to a new level, when my recent tax returns were direct deposited into my checking account, pushing my balance well into an all time high, I couldn't help but ask myself... Why don't I have a boat? For about a month, I watched the most recent fishing boat listings on Craig's List, in my area, eventually learning what I wanted, and what I might pay for it someday.

After that month, I finally got a trailer hitch put on my van, and started looking a little more seriously. There were several within my price range that I would've been happy with, but this one really stood out. It's a 1987 Lowe 14 foot "Jumbo V", with a 15 horse Evenrude and gas tank, a Minn Kota 65MK trolling motor and battery, a Humminbird LCR 4-ID Fishfinder, and lots of extras.

It turns out that after the original buyer bought it in 1987, his wife soon passed away. He lost intrest in fishing, and put it in a barn for 25 years, with only 14 hours on the motor! He eventually hired someone to clean it up, and get it ready for the water, and ready to sell. P.J., a woman on Buffalo Lake in Montello, WI, bought it for $3500. She used it for a couple years, and decided she wanted a pontoon boat. She sold it (to me)... A 31 year old boat in almost brand new condition, with only 40 hours on the motor, and all the extras mentioned above, for $2800! The more I use it, the happier I am with the purchase.

Above and below are some pictures that I finally took of it on August 3, 2018, after installing four fishing rod holders (yes, just pvc pipe).

This shot shows two of the four holders...

While this wider angle shows how the new rod holders position four fishing poles. I am so much happier with this set-up, than with the holders that came with the boat, or the ones that I purchased soon after purchasing the boat.

A shot from the back, showing how well equipped the boat came when I bought it.

Although I've been fishing most of my life, it's only been a worm on the bottom, or with a bobber, fishing for bullheads and bluegills. Having a boat, and using artificial bait for the bigger game fish is a whole new world for me... but I'm lovin' it! As I finish putting this webpage together on October 20, 2018, it looks like I will finish the year with only one take-home fish, a 19-inch Walleye, on Fox Lake WI. I have a week of vacation coming up, and want to get the boat out at least one more time to run a new mix of feul, with stabilizer, through the motor, before parking it for the winter. If I catch any fish, I will update that count.

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