Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary
November 4, 2011
I took my first trip to Shalom Wildlife Sactuary today, along with two other members of the LightCatchers Photo Club, Vikki and Dianne. The Sanctuary is located about 3 miles north of West Bend, WI, just east of Hwy 144, on Shalom Drive. You can walk the mile and a half trail with no time limit, or the $9 per person fee can also include a golf cart with a 90-minute limit. The wire fence on both sides of the trail has large enough openings to stick large lenses through.

There are a few smaller cages and pens along the trails with smaller animals like a bobcat, raccoon, mink, and a very stinky porcupine.

Plenty of "regular" Whitetail bucks and does of all sizes....

Along with albino bucks and does....

And also "pied" deer.

Dianne, above, and Vikki, below, couldn't get enough of this "friendlier than normal" Whitetail doe.

Although everything was sporting "full headgear" this time of year, the elk were the most impressive animals at the sactuary.

Towards closing time, as the sun got lower, I made the best of some backlit shots, like showing their breath when exhaling....

And also making for some nice silhouettes.

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