Up until now, I have limited my wildlife and nature photography to public land such as state wildlife areas, parks, and anything I can photograph from the road. As my hobby continues to grow into a passion, and my skills get better with experience, I now want to take it to the next level, and turn to private land owners for help. If you think you have a photo opportunity on your land that I might be interested in, and you are willing to let me photograph it, I would love to hear from you.

I have a considerably powerful, high quality, 800mm lens, so I don't need to get very close. I also have a portable hunting blind that sets up in 5 seconds, and folds up in 10 seconds. This combination of a powerful lens, and camouflage hunting blind allows me to photograph with minimal, if any disturbance to the subject. I am also willing and able to sit for hours at a time to get the shots I'm after.

Because I don't do this full time, and I only try to sell enough photos to support my hobby, I can't offer much more than an couple high quality 8X10 prints of what I photograph on your property. If you have something exceptional, I may be willing to give you more.

Although I'm perfectly happy with photos of birds and animals just standing there, I concentrate on "behavioral photography"... nesting shots, nest building, feeding or attending young, hunting and catching prey, carrying prey back to the nest or den, etc...
I'm interested in hearing about ANYTHING you have on your property, but here are a few examples of things I'm looking for:

Eagle, hawk, and owl nests, during the nesting season, of course.

ANY other kind of bird nest that I can get close-ups of, from a good angle.

Deer...Although I have many opportunities to "shoot" deer, I can't seem to get bucks with large racks. I'm also interested in doe and fawn shots.

Foxes and Coyotes...Dens are preffered, but even areas that they pass through often. I can also use varmint calls to draw them in closer.

Pileated Woodpeckers - a nest would be great, but even if you just know you have them in your area, I can draw them in with a call long enough to get some shots.

Oddities - Albino birds and animals, deformed birds and animals, etc..

WOLVES and BEARS are always a priority

I have a fulltime factory job, but I work 12-hour shifts, only three days a week, giving me a 4-day weekend every week. Every ten weeks I switch back and forth between working mon., tues., and wed., to thurs., fri., and sat.

How far from Waupun, Wisconsin I am willing to travel will depend on what you have on your property, and what else I am photographing at the time, but 200 miles, and beyond is not out of the question.

I choose not to put my phone number on the internet. You can send me your phone number when you first email me, or I will send you mine when I decide I am interested in your offer. Also, if you can send a photo of the nest, den, etc..., when you email me it would be good, but not necessary. Even a snapshot with a point-and-shoot camera would be helpful.

My email address is jraflik@charter.net


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