After racing across Horicon Marsh, to the Bud Cook Hiking Trail Area, to photograph an incoming storm, the storm had fallen apart (the story of my life). On my way back home, making the most of a wasted 6 mile trip, I aimed my camera, and wide angle lens, into a field full of fire flies, and took this 49 second exposure.

April 25, 2005 - While the DNR was conducting controlled burns in Horicon Marsh NWR, pyro-cumulus clouds (cumulus clouds forming from a fire-induced updraft) formed as the smoke rose. First picture taken from the eastern edge of Waupun on Hwy 49 at 12:40pm, with the minimum security prison farm in the foreground. I continued east to the middle of the marsh, still on 49. By 12:45pm, pileus caps had formed over two seperate columns of pyro-cumulus clouds. Within a minute, the caps merged, as the columns remained seperate.
Click HERE to see my brothers pictures from Beaver Dam

A cloudy sunset over Waupun WI, on April 22, 2004, and a crescent moon setting over Waupun, taken from 6 miles East of Waupun, looking across Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, and a crescent moon, taken from my yard in Waupun.

Squirrels in my front yard. 1)Looking pretty cold; 2)Eating the birds suet; 3)Drinking the birds water; and 4)Not quite grasping the concept of how a squirrel trap is supposed to work.


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