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What can I say? A great collection of all the information about Bald Eagles that you could ever ask for.

The North American Butterfly Association (NABA) is, by far, the largest group of people in North America (Canada, United States, and Mexico) interested in butterflies.

I joined SWBA (a chapter of the North American Butterfly Association) in the spring of '08, through my intrest in photography. The website includes information on joining, in addition to upcoming meetings and field trips

This is the website that I use to identify butterflies as I photograph them. I also like to browse this site to learn new butterflies to look for while out in the field. I have also submitted several of my photographs, when I noticed that they were the first of a particular spiecies, in a particular county, to help update the range maps.

Wisconsin Bird Sightings
This link will take you to the American Birding Association's page for Wisconsin, the most recent postings of the on-line discussion group of Wisconsin Birders. (Click on any of the subject lines to view the entire posting) You can read them, but unless you become a member, you cannot submit one. I am not a member, but use this page as my start-up page to stay current on significant sightings in Wisconsin.

Doug Raflik Photography
My brother's proffesional website. He is a professional wedding and portrait photographer (senior portraits, sporting events, pets, etc...).

Doug Raflik's Blog Site
My brother's blog page, where he adds his storm chasing pictures (he is a 20-year veteran storm chaser), and also events like traffic accidents, house fires, barn fires, etc...

The Horicon Marsh Bird Club meets the third thursday of every month, except during the summer.They host several field trips throughout the year, and also host the annual Horicon Marsh Bird Festival in early May.

The Light Catchers Photography Club meets once a month in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and is open to all levels of photographers.



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