Aurora - December 14, 2006

Location: Hwy 49, going through the northern tip of Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, about halfway through the Marsh.

All photos are taken with a Canon 10D 6.3 megapixel digital SLR, and a Sigma 10-20mm, ultra-wide angle lens. ISO equivalent set at 400. The first two pictures (from town) are taken at 14mm, 30 seconds, at f/5.6. The remainder of the photos are at 11mm, 20 seconds, at f/5.6.

Continuously monitoring an aurora website, this is what I saw (from my driveway, in town) at 5:53PM, when it first started to indicate activity in the middle latitudes.

By 6:07, still not ready to head out to Horicon Marsh NWR, the aurora intensified, and extended farther above the horizon, and seemed to be bringing clouds with it.

Finally out in the marsh at 6:39, this shows the extent of the aurora to the northeast. The clouds lit up by city lights (I'm assuming Rosendale, WI), are straight north.

This is to the northwest, at 6:52

Almost straight north at 6:51. Mostly just a green glow (not the dancing curtains that I prefer), occasionaly, more intense light extended from behind the clouds.

6:56PM - Even more intense light extending from behind the clouds. Although it may seem otherwise, the city lights illuminating the clouds, and the green aurora, extending from behind them, have nothing to do with each other.

One last shot at 7:00, before the aurora seemed to diminish, and the clouds moved in to dominate the sky.

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