Aurora - November 7, 2004

Location: Hwy 49, going through the northern tip of Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, about halfway through the Marsh.

All photos are taken with a Canon 10D 6.3 megapixel digital SLR, and a Tamron 28-105mm lens at 28mm. ISO equivalent set at 400. Direction, Time, and shutter speeds are noted under each picture.

11 seconds, facing Northwest, at 6:05 PM

17 seconds, facing Northwest, at 6:07 PM

14 seconds, straight North, at 6:13 PM

16 seconds, facing Northeast, at 6:14 PM

18 seconds, facing North, at 6:33 PM

10 seconds, East down the middle of Hwy 49, at 10:12 PM

14 seconds, facing East at 10:24 PM

13 seconds, facing East, at 10:31 PM

13 seconds, facing Northeast, at 10:43 PM

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